Fishing with foot in maritime Charente (February 2010)

Visit the site on fishing foot on the commune of the palmyre - the mathes

If you love the clams then this exceptional site in the area is for you. Located at the exit of estuary of the Gironde, only fishing with the clam is authorized there.
A long time prohibited of fishing, this shell is here in hight quantities. The constraint for the fisherman with foot is to limit itself to a harvest of 5 kilogrammes (quantity of maximum harvest per day and fisherman) and a size of 3.5 cm for the European clam and 4 cm for the Japanese woman.

Difficulties to recognize them… do not take that of 4 cm in any event more they are large better they are. If you seek more information on the clam and fishing with foot outward journey to make a turn on the very good


Bridge of the Seudre


L'île d'Oléron in 360°

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